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Euro International School Clubs : 
Euro International School organizes various Activity Clubs. which help develop and foster a range of skills in students.The Clubs meet once a week. These are

The Innings (Sports Club)

The spirit of sportsmanship and healthy competition are the best teachers which help a child in the years to come. Humility in winning, grace in losing- the Club aims to inculcate appreciation for sports and yoga.

The Fusion (Dance and Music Club)

Melody, harmony, rhythm- music to the ears! The Club helps children appreciate both Indian and Western music.
"I sing, therefore, I am!"

The Wizards (The Art Club)

Children are taught to appreciate the nature of how things work- they are taught to observe the minute details of how things are made. Be it pottery, sculpting, papier mache, basic carpentery etc.

Act I Scene I (The Literary Club)

Each child has a talent of play acting- kids love to dress up and act like movie stars or superheroes! The Club introduces the children to the world of histrionics

Action and Reaction (The Science Club)

It's always fun to see how chemicals react, how plants grow, how humans can perform great feats and how tiny creatures can work harder than us! TheClub opens up the world of the wonders of Science to children.


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