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Message From The Head

Welcome to Euro International School!

As I proudly write this message I look back to a humble start some 16 years ago. My staff is not just technically qualified on paper but also truly equipped to handle a class of 30 students with diverse backgrounds, personalities and learning styles. This is possible with continuous teacher training on enquiry based active learning where the teacher is just a facilitator. The school staff can proudly boast of following a methodology that works best with children born in an exponentially changing digital world. The school motto ‘Learning for Life’ reflects this school philosophy. Our endeavour has been to train students into thinking intensively and creatively.

We may have moved to a bigger infrastructure with the state of art, air rifle shooting range, squash, badminton and tennis court along with several spaces for student expressions and enjoyment, but what remains constant is the enthusiasm and the energy in my staff. That has clearly been one of my biggest achievements.

 Besides academics and co-curricular, our focus has been on bringing up happy and balanced individuals. Our doors are ever open to a child in need of emotional support.  I strongly believe that a school, along with the home has a huge role to play in making or marring a child’s personality. My role as an educator and as a school Head is both to help the students dream, dream big and to love themselves. This I believe will ensure that the plants will grow tall and bloom to their fullest one day. 


Near ITC Welcome Hotel, Uchiyarda, Shikargarh
Jodhpur - 342027, Rajasthan
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